Uzbek-American Water Management
and Environmental Training Project

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Central Asia region, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are still in market oriented developing period, having plenty of social, economic, and educational problems.

Considering all these problems, and the present prospectus of USAID and World Bank which illustrates main interests of USA Government in the mentioned region, we have decided to help them to implement whole enormous project described in the bulletin. 

The main strategic concerns and priorities of USAID and WB are: to increase citizens representation and participation in democratic processes and economic activities, develop private enterprises, support for democratic atmosphere, and reduction of human rights humiliations.

Thanks to our understanding and investigation all these mentioned aspects of description in Uzbekistan, and as well as other Central Asian Republics, we put forward the idea of "to help transfer American Democracy to overall region" by bringing together young professionals from each countries, discuss main economic issues, particularly Water Resources and other Environmental Protection, its management, monitoring and quality concerns, create concrete proposal for implementation efficient and beneficial Management Program. 

All Central Asian countries are using the same watershed and having same problem in their social life, but the particular problem is drying of the Aral Sea and water, soil and air pollution connected with them. There are other social, economical and demographic difficulties that  obstacles to the necessary improvement of the region as a whole.

Since, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian Governments are receiving great support and developments assistance from United Nations Agencies, USA, World Bank, and many separate donor agreements are pure examples of the similar projects. Main government actors are Finance, Health and Agriculture Ministers, and  as well as NGOs are playing big role. The key direction of our project will be draw a different picture on this issue by involving representatives from all kind of levels of Social Structure in the Region.