I am Dr.Abror N. Gadaev  from Samarkand, Uzbekistan. My country is situated in the Central Asia region  and is one of the agricultural and industrial states of this area.   I am an environmental engineer, specialized on the water resources. Right now I am in Florida, USA, with the purpose of establishing cooperation with American colleagues  at Southern DataStream (http://www.southerndatastream.com/) up to four months. In spite of the fact that I am here not to long,  I am really impressed by the nice nature and climate of Florida state and small town, LaBelle, particularly . The particular biodiversity, specific beauty and interesting geographical location of LaBelle creates wonderful atmosphere. I would really suggest to visit Florida, if you would like see several wonders together. Well, what do I do here? Actually I came here under the TGP to participate for few international water conferences, what I did but I understood that to solve of water resources and socio-economical problems of Uzbekistan we need training to get  American water issues, environmental system and cooperate with USA organizations. Policy for training as internship and visiting to Florida allows by  Grant F-1 Project, which is really specific and important work for Southern DataStream promoting Water Management Projects, Training for Young Professionals, Educational Sponsorship, and Projects on Sustainable Development. My work is basically grounded on International aspect of this  policy of SDS, and its correlation  with my  region, Central Asia (CA), which is still in developing period.  Central Asia is  having enormous economic, democratic, technical skills, environmental, and management problems, and these problems create obstacle for the CA region countries to develop properly. So, Dr. John C. Capece and I are working on this important project, with consistent prospectus and implementation of it. If you are interested in details, please  visit the link under Projects .