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Samarkand State Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute





Areas of study

Construction, Architecture, Management and Economics, Environmental Engineering,  Pedagogic Technology, Building Research, Historic Preservation

Degree programs

Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral


Samarkand State Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute was established in 1966.  Its 31 departments are organized into 6 faculties, (or colleges), which provide instruction to more than 1,300 undergraduate and graduate students. The faculties are as follows: Architecture, Construction, Management, Ecology, Construction Technology, and Pedagogical Technology.


SamSACEI also houses schools for Business and International Business.  Recently, a Business Incubator program was launched with a mandate to improve small business practices in Uzbekistan  - the result of a partnership between the national government and the United Nations Organization. The program, conducted in English rather than Uzbek or Russian, offers instruction in the following areas: economics, business management, and finance and banking.  Soon SamSACEI also expects to open an architectural college with a grant from UNESCO’s fund for “Repair of architectural monuments and reconstruction of historical cities”.  The Institute also plans to offer a graduate program in Economics and Fine Arts.


Research areas at SamSACEI include: "Soil mechanics, composition, and foundations of buildings", "Architecture of buildings", "Heating gas provision, conditioning and protection of air pools", "Sewerage and water supply systems: protection and effective utilization", "Environmental protection",  "Reinforced concrete and stone-brick construction", "Metal, wood and plastic construction", "Construction and theoretical mechanics", "Resistance of materials", "Construction producing technologies".


SamSACEI’s graduate students have research interests in 19 subject areas, including: "Deformation solid substances mechanics", "Gas and fluid mechanics", "Buildings and their construction", "Architecture theory and history", "Restoration of architectural monuments", "Water supply and ecology", "Soil mechanics, basis and schemes", "Geodesy & land cadastre".  Doctoral thesis subjects have included, "Water supply & environment protection", "The theory and history of architecture of architectural monuments", "Liquid & plasma mechanics".

The Institute has pursued projects in collaboration with the following institutions: Politechnico de Milano University of Italy, The Veimar Architectural and Construction Institute of Germany, Technics University of Barcelona, La Kambre Architectural Institute of Belgium, and others.


Samarkand State Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute
Lolazor Str. 70
Samarkand, 703047
Republic of Uzbekistan